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Child Support Attorney George E. Thompson Discusses the Texas Child Support GuidelinesHouston child support attorney

For divorcing parents, child support calculations tend to be a hot-button issue. However, unlike most other issues to work out in a divorce, child support is determined by using a formulaic equation developed by the judiciary and applied evenly across every divorce case in the state. The child support formula takes into account each parent’s monthly income and ability to pay for the child’s necessities. As well, the court will affix a child support amount that maintains the child’s lifestyle as closely as possible to the way it was prior to the divorce. If you have questions about the Texas child support process or would like to discuss filing for divorce, contact child support attorney, George E. Thompson and his team right away.

Child Support Lawyer George E. Thompson Explains the Support Formula

For families earning less than $8,550 per month, the court will use a specific formula to determine the proper amount of child support. Both parties will be required to disclose their gross monthly income, amounts paid toward the child’s health insurance premiums and the amounts paid each month in child support for other children. The court will then determine a fair and balanced child support amount that not only provides enough to meet the child’s needs but respects the payor’s ability to make a monthly payment. Child support may be payable in monthly installments, one lump sum or in an annuity. The court may also award certain property to be set aside on behalf of the child for payment of child support. As your child support lawyer, Mr. Thompson and his team will explain further, child support orders can be flexible to meet the needs of the particular child involved and your attorney will make certain to advocate on your behalf for any special circumstances affecting your family. Child Support Attorney George E. Thompson Determining child support can be a difficult and emotional task. If you would like to discuss your options either pursuant to a divorce or a modification of a current order, we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of George E. Thompson, P.C. at (713) 439-0700.