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The choice to engage in adoption is often fraught with mixed emotions. Parents choosing to place their child for adoption may be hesitant while parents actively seeking a child to adopt may face years of frustration, anger and doubt. While an adoption attorney cannot expedite or jump-start this highly-delicate process, Mr. Thompson and his team can make certain that when the time comes, the legal aspects of the adoption process are handled with excellence and care. As you prepare to endure the Texas adoption procedure, make sure you have an experienced and compassionate adoption lawyer on your side.

Adoption Attorney George E. Thompson Discusses the Basics of Adoption

Understanding the legal side of adoption requires a basic understanding of the premise that Texas law allows a child to have two parents: mother and father. The status of a “parent” is legal in nature and not easily severed. For mothers, the legal status of parent is created by giving birth to a child. For fathers, the status is created either by being married to a woman who gives birth or by a recognition of paternity. In order for a person to adopt a child, the child’s legal parents must have their parental rights terminated in order for the adoptive parent to establish his or her own parental rights – which is accomplished by court order. A parent may either consent to a termination of parental rights or may have his or her rights taken involuntarily. In many cases, an adoption attorney will be involved in cases wherein the birth parents have chosen voluntarily to give up their rights. In these cases, the birth parents and adoptive parents will work with an adoption attorney to arrange an agreement as to payment of medical expenses and whether the adoption will be closed or open. Under Texas law, however, a birth parent must wait at least 48 hours after birth to consent to adoption and may change her mind up to 11 days after consenting.

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