Divorce Lawyer George E. Thompson Explains How to Deal with Anger and Grief

law (3)Divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of George E Thompson, P.C. know how difficult the divorce process is. They see it and its effects every day.

Grief Due to Divorce

Attorney George E. Thompson and his team can explain that everyone goes through the grieving process differently. However, when one spouse seems to be over the grief and the other is in the middle of it, the ability for these spouses to negotiate may be eroded. Time helps parties to go through the entire cycle of grief. However, in some cases, two spouses may be around the same stage of grief, but one party puts on a different persona to cover up this fact. If the spouses can be honest about their feelings, they may be able to heal more easily and be at the same stage of grief at the same time.

Anger Due to Divorce

Anger is one stage of grief. It is more apparent than other stages of the grieving process. Family lawyers at the Law Offices of George E. Thompson, P.C. can explain a variety of circumstances that may cause anger in divorce. The most common response for individuals to have when they feel attacked is anger. However, when one party gets angry, the other usually responds in kind. Anger is also expressed when a person is uncertain, worried, frustrated or in a chaotic situation. However, when both parties are angry, they will not be in the best position to settle their divorce. Instead of getting angry, a spouse may respond to the other’s anger with no response at all.

Legal Assistance

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